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Cirrus has strived to become the premier integrated logistics support service provider with military and commercial clients.  Our independent analysts influence the entire life cycle to achieve reliability and supportability of systems. Logistics has been and will continue to be one of our core competencies. From configuration control to warehousing and facility planning, accomplished logisticians are available for outsourcing, planning, and advisory services.



Logistics Support Analysis.  Cirrus is conducting logistics engineering and analysis services in support of recapitalization and transformation plans to assess the restructuring of Army Aviation assets to several target mixes of Blackhawk, Apache, and Kiowa Warrior per battalion for the Active Army and National Guard units.  We perform major studies related to transformation, recapitalization, and obsolescence. The effort involves: modernization strategies; Current and future aviation logistical systems; aviation maintenance procedures and equipment; fielding and transfer procedures; cost estimating and risk analysis; and programming and budgeting.


Performance Based Logistics.  Cirrus conducted system requirements analysis to the Missile Defense Agency Ground Missile Midcourse Defense Program Joint Program Office to derive, assess and document performance based metrics for contractor logistics support within a Performance Based Logistics (PBL) framework.




Supply Chain Management.  In our work at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Cirrus is addressing

the our customers’ challenges of improving inventory, supplier and operational performance with planning, analysis and reporting solutions that provide our customers with greater visibility into all operational areas

of business, opportunities to decrease variability across the supply chain, and more accurate planning capabilities in more simplified ways.




Asset Visibility.  Cirrus is on the front lines in providing the necessary solutions to reliably deliver the required item to the right location in the correct quantity at the time required from the most appropriate source.  This requires a capability to provide synthesized end-to-end, real-time theater information on assets (including both at-rest and in transit items) across all components, undercuts the ability of the combatant commander to exercise directive authority for logistics.